Millenium festival in Spain

On Sunday, 10th November 2013, from 15h to 18h at the Cultural Centre De Markten the 14th "Pannenkoekennamiddag"

As part of the SEMA project, between 8th

Discover the awarded films of the 2013 Millenium festival.

A key result of the SEMA project is the creation of a platform dedicated to documentary films about the MDG's :

From 18/08/2013 till 25/08/2013 a selection of films from the Millenium Collection were shown in Spain. Screenings took place in Barcelona, one of its most culturally charged cities, and Tarragona, an ancient city 80 km south. Together with our partners from Arthostal – a unique cultural center in the heart of Barcelona, and Casa Triangola Tarragona, we organised 9 screenings accompanied by debates with the help of volunteers, who received training on the topics of migration, environment and sustainable develoment, poverty and exclusion, women rights and gender equality.

The films included “Back to Nadia”, “Against the stream”, “Old Partner”, “Recipes for disaster”, “There once was an island”, “Bay of all saints”, “A world not ours”.