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Diogène (Non-Profit-Making Association – ABSL)
We are DIOGENE, a Brussels-based cultural association established in 1989 with 25 years of professional experience in the production of documentary films and the organisation of cultural events in Belgium and around the world. We work with international institutions and NGOs and have successfully collaborated with the UNDP, Doctors Without Borders, the European commission and other partners. Since its inception, Diogene has filmed a number of documentaries in Africa, Asia and Latin America whose messages were to fight poverty, support people in need, raise awareness among the European public about fundamental human rights.

Diogene is the organizer of the International Documentary Film Festival "Millenium", the Millenium Webdoc Meetings, the unique of its kind Danube Music Festival, a 
Street festival for training and support of young Roma artists, etc.


Main Partners

MITRA 2000

Mitra 2000 is a Bulgarian cultural association whose main activity is organising cultural events related to intercultural dialogue, presentation of European cultural heritage in Bulgaria and Bulgarian cultural heritage in Europe. In particular, MITRA 2000 organises cinema-related events targeted toward the young audience, in support of various minorities, etc. Its main projects include “Ciné-club Millenium”; Project “Know the other” for cultural cooperation between Eastern and Western Europe; Danube Music Festival "Against the Stream" (2 editions); Gypsy street theater in Bulgaria; “Life without drugs”; “100 words for Europe”, etc.



Foundation “Art Fest” is the other main partner of the project in Bulgaria. The foundation works in the area of education, and in particular media education, and has contributed substantially to the promotion of Bulgarian cinema in Europe and of European cinema in Bulgaria. It organises Sofia Film Fest for Students (a format specifically designed for the younger audience) and Sofia Film Fest on the Road, both of which aim at making cinema more accesible to students, young people, audiences in smaller towns.



Society “Audiovizuālo Mākslu Studija” organizes cultural events and trainings, mainly for young people, on acting, writing training scenarios and putting on plays. Its members have experience in the field with the company “Screen Vision”, which preceded the organization and had similar activities.

Their main activities include workshops on speech lessons, acting classes, as well film history trainings, but also creating educational films with students on issues related to the rights of handicapped people, for example. Society “Audiovizuālo Mākslu Studija” also implements projects for international workshops and activities for cooperation between Latvia and Russia, where social issues are involved. They also organise film workshops for disabled young people and workshops with foreign lecturers about films on social topics and human rights subjects. There is tradition to put on a play with the youngsters every season and there were several performances in theatre halls.



Zaedno is a voluntary, non-profit and non-political association of Bulgarians and friends of Bulgaria in the Czech republic, which organises and implements cultural, informational, educational and recreational activities on multicultural themes by showing the variety of Balkan culture. 

The Association has a long tradition and experience in the organisation and realisation of exhibitions, dance and singing workshops, lectures, competitions, courses and socio-cultural events. The main goal of the association is to develop a multicultural society in the Czech Republic for greater tolerance and understanding.

Zaedno also addresses the critical issues of our time, such as human rights, environment and sustainable development and collaborates with other non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic and Europe.



The main objective of Europedia is the organisation of education and training for young people on issues of integration and European culture, including workshops for students of journalism and communication in new media, inviting recognised European journalists and authors.

It also offers workshops on investigative journalism and organises meetings for sharing best practices between teachers from Moldova, Romania and France. Another activity is the summer academy for students of art, journalism, communication and history on the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Moldova.