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We have captured the reactions of the public, the representatives of NGOs and responsible institutions in this reportage on the documentary "Le goût de del"...


The second emission of the Millenium Collection, broadcast on Thursday, October 17, was devoted to the documentary Bay of All Saints.

Each month, the Millenium Collection presents a documentary and a reportage which are broadcast on La Trois (RTBF).

Thanks to the SEMA project, the Millenium collection was shown in Latvia...

"The road to Sylverstone" provoked a discussion about human rights in Palestine and the future of young Palestinians

After the screenings of films, we take account of the reactions of the public and the opinions of film-makers, officials and academics...

Three directors of films in competition tell the story of their films and give their personal perspective to them.

A lively debate on the exploitation of mines in the North of Greece where the Greek state has sold his mining rights for more than 78 000 hectares to a Canadian company.

In the context of the Millenium Festival: the exhibition "Je suis l'eau" of the Mexican artist-photographer Patricia Solages.

Marion Hänsel is the producer of "Le Capitaine et son pirate". This film tells the story of the friendship between the chief of the pirates and the captain Krysztof Kotiuk.